God let me know even before our son was born, that I needed to be a stay at home mom.  The reason: God has designed the family to be the primary trainers and disciple makers of their children.  I have a huge task ahead!  When my husband said we needed to make the move off the mission field and into Seminary, in the USA, I was very worried.  How would I be the bread winner and stay at home?  All God said in return... "I will provide."

I had to first take the trust fall before God showed me His provision.  My thoughts were full of worry as we were moving into a country where we needed to triple our income we had in Ecuador to survive in Texas.  

My mom told me about our mutual friend who left the mission field the year before who found a stay at home job.  Motivated by the knowledge that God said He would provide a stay at home job, I made the contact!  I am a living testimony that when God says he will provide- He always does.

I am now an Independent Consultant and Business Owner with Rodan and Fields Dermatology.  I couldn't be more excited about joining a business launch than this one.  The reason?  What we provide with R+F puts the exclamation mark on a Proverbs 31 woman (CEV).  I have always wanted to strive more like this woman pictured below:

In Praise of a Good Wife

10 A truly good wife
is the most precious treasure
    a man can find!
11 Her husband depends on her,
    and she never
    lets him down.
12 She is good to him
    every day of her life,
13     and with her own hands
    she gladly makes clothes.
14 She is like a sailing ship
    that brings food
    from across the sea.
15 She gets up before daylight
to prepare food
    for her family
    and for her servants.
16 She knows how to buy land
and how to plant a vineyard,
17     and she always works hard.
18 She knows when to buy or sell,
    and she stays busy
    until late at night.
19 She spins her own cloth,
20  and she helps the poor
     and the needy.
21 Her family has warm clothing,
    and so she doesn’t worry
    when it snows.
22 She does her own sewing,
    and everything she wears
    is beautiful.
23 Her husband is a well-known
and respected leader
    in the city.
24 She makes clothes to sell
    to the shop owners.
25 She is strong and graceful,
    as well as cheerful
    about the future.
26 Her words are sensible,
    and her advice
    is thoughtful.
27 She takes good care
of her family
    and is never lazy.
28 Her children praise her,
    and with great pride
    her husband says,
29 “There are many good women,
    but you are the best!”
30 Charm can be deceiving,
    and beauty fades away,
but a woman
who honors the Lord
    deserves to be praised.
31 Show her respect--
    praise her in public
    for what she has done.

Are you looking for something to supplement your income while staying at home? 
If you want to join my team and have a home business right now is the perfect time to jump on board!  If you contact me I will tell you why now is the time!  E-mail me: alainaholland.myrandf@gmail.com

For business interest check out: alainaholland.myrandf.biz
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