It was almost time for my aerobics class to start as someone ran in to the gym.  "Do you hear the tornado siren going off?" says the man who ran in.  "No!"  I say as I ran stormy outside.  Sure enough the sirens were piercing out there.  And the sky didn't look very cheerful either.  Well I'll start the emergency drill and lock down.  This wasn't the first time I heard these sirens.  Although I grew up in a places where we never heard them.  Coming to college they seemed to be quite common around these parts.    

As we all gathered in an inner room of the building where there were no windows I sit up against the wall.  
Walls usually have a sense of stability to them.  
The room became so still and quiet it was like something was secretly sucking all the air molecules out at an extremely fast rate.  The electricity went off, our cell phones were no longer working, and the last we heard from any outside contact was 'The tornado is going directly toward Union's Campus.'
As I was leaning the wall began to move.  Like a wave of a massage chair, except this was not relaxing in the least.  My heart cried out to God- 'If these are my last few moments, Lord be with my family as they hear the news of my passing.'  

It was like the mute button of life turned back on a split second later.  We heard crashing, glass breaking, creaking, and groaning.
Students began to pour in to our building some had blood on their heads, hands, and feet.  Someone was asking for a first aid kit.  I directed them to the one in our gym, which was still intact, although all the locked doors had been blown open and the floor was covered with leaves, dirt, and branches.

Watch this video for what our campus looked like.
My car was not where I last parked it.  The tornado had taken it for a ride in the sky and placed back on all four wheels in the middle of the parking lot.  Cars all around it were on their sides and it seemed like I was in a huge junk yard.
My roommates were in our bathtub pictured below that was only a plastic-shower-wall-away from the tornado.  The back wall was completely gone.  You can look into our kitchen here.
God not only protected us, he wanted us alive for a reason.  We live out this reason every day.  This reason is proclaiming Christ to all those we encounter from here on out.  
My roommate Katelyn who's room you see above, is coming down here to south america to visit me tomorrow.  As I think of our friendship, I also remember what we have been through together.  Looking forward to spending all week with her.  

Thanking God for my friendships that can continue because He saved us all from this F-4 Tornado 5 years ago with Charley, Lydia, Christa, & Katelyn,
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Five Minute Friday


03/22/2013 5:12pm

Bless you for sharing.

03/22/2013 6:30pm

Thank you for reading a piece of my story Denise.

03/22/2013 7:48pm

Wow what an experience to come through! But how cool to have known God's hand of protection in and through it all. I hope you have a really special time with your roommate.

03/23/2013 2:34pm

Thank you Fiona for your words of encouragement!


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