Last night my husband and I went on a date out on the town.  
We try to make intentional weekly dates together a priority.  We can't afford to always go out as it involves more expense with babysitter plus dinner, but we have home dates sometimes too.  And sitting on the couch watching a movie doesn't count for us.

As we were sitting in the coffee shop, with my herbal cinnamon-apple tea and his latte, we noticed something.  We were the only couple there who were married.  (This assumption came from glancing at the lack of rings on any fingers around the cafe.)  

The only married daters at the shop.  We noticed all the awkward couples that were trying hard to please the other.  We just laughed in memory but in contentment that we can date and relax as married lovers.  That feeling in my stomach of nervous butterflies I got when we first started dating has been replaced with excitement, stability, and the choice of love.  

As we were leaving to come back home my husband runs around to my side of the car to open my door for me.  This man knows me.  This man has taken time out to learn me.  This man brings me roses, but more than that he brings me to the foot of Christ.  He guides me to spend more time with God.  He encourages me to become filled to the brim with the ONLY ONE who will ever satisfy me.  

My husband will never fully satisfy me, yet he ushers me in the presence of the God of this universe who does. 
A few weeks ago we started a book study together.  Gospel [in] Life by Timothy Keller.  We are not very far in it but it has radically changed how we view grace.    We enjoy doing many things together.  We love working together with international students.  Our favorite activity is to have a great theological discussion about God.  Lately we have been mulling over the topic of grace.  If it wasn't for grace, we wouldn't be together anymore.  We sin against each other all the time.  Yet forgiveness steps in and radically changes that.  

We have this assurance built in our marriage that far exceeds trivial dates.  We do life together through the hard.  Through the sleepless nights.  Through the miscarriage.  Through the moving 5 times in the last 3 years.  Through the misunderstandings.  Through the joyful moments of bringing home our first baby.  Through the devastating news that we might not be able to have any more 'normal' children again.  Through the youth discipling.  Through the arguments.  Through the overseas living.  Through the cultural differences.  Through the transitions.  Through longing for heaven.  Through wanting more than this life can give.  Through the unconditional love.  Through this life we breath, move, and hold each others hand, hard, in prayer.

With thankfulness towards my husband,

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Marriage & Mommyhood


06/24/2013 7:08pm

Marriage certainly is the place where we learn to deny our [false] self. Otherwise we will be miserable with unmet expectations. Thanks for the post.

06/25/2013 8:15pm

Very true Scott. Thank you for this word!


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